Activities in and around Moalboal

moalboal divingMoalboal has a lot of activities to offer for the out-door person. First of all we got beautiful snorkeling right outside the resort. Here you can the anemone fish Nemo among many different kinds of reef fish. If you are lucky you can also spot the occasional sea turtle swimming around our house reef.
Scuba Diving is another big activity because of the rich marine life here in Moalboal. Moalboal has more than 10 professional dive centres that will make your dive unforgettable. Moalboal is known to be one of the 20 best dive spots in the world and many lucky divers have seen whale sharks, manta rays and sea turtles just to mention a few. We recommend the dive Quo Vadis Dive Center at our sister resort, click here for their website.
Free diving is a well practiced art in Moalboal. Wolfgang Dafert is a free diving instructor and active in Moalboal. He has his own Free diving School and are teaching people from all over the world how to stay under water for more than 3 minutes! Wolfgang also arranges great out door adventures and mountain bike trips. Please click here to see his homepage.
moalboal adventure
Mountain biking is a big sport in Moalboal. If you are a mountain biker you will love it here. The nearby mountains have more than 100 roads and trails. When you stop at altitude to take a sip from your water bottle and catch your breath, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. If you are a proud owner of a mountain bike – bring it here. You will never regret the trouble!
moalboal barefoot resortWhile White Beach only has a few restaurants, Panagsama, on the other side of Moalboal has several good restaurants. We recommend Arista Restaurant that has a beautiful ocean view and a German/Filipino menu. Seafood is the specialty but they make real German snitzel and have great pizza! Arista Restaurant is easy to find and has a good car park. If you like to go out and party we recommend Saturdays as the party night. While White Beach is a pretty quiet place when it comes to partying, Panagsama is the opposite. Here you can have a beer or cocktail in Chili Bar that has an easygoing, native atmosphere and good pool tables. In the late evening the Pacitas Disco starts and it is always well visited any time of the year.